Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Pigskin Pick 'Em - Week 7

Better week this week, as we go 8-5 to bring our total to 59-44 for the season.

What I missed...

Minnesota +4.5 over @Pittsburgh - I thought the Vikes would this game outright, but the Steelers showed up for this one.
@Carolina -7.5 over Buffalo - It really is difficult picking these games between bad teams.
NY Jets -6.5 over @Oakland - OK, I hate the Jets and I thought, just maybe, the Raiders would keep this thing close. Nope.
Atlanta +3.5 over @Dallas - With the Cowboys, it all depends on which Tony Romo shows up. This week, it was the good Romo.......I chose poorly.
@NY Giants -7.5 over Arizona - I got nuthin'. I went back and forth on this game and finally decided to pick the Giants to cover at home. One again, I chose poorly.

Week 8 Picks. (Teams in bold are my picks)

Houston Texans (-3.5) @ Buffalo Bills
Cleveland Browns @ Chicago Bears (-13.5)
Seattle Seahawks @ Dallas Cowboys (-9.5)
St. Louis Rams @ Detroit Lions (-3.5)
San Francisco 49ers @ Indianapolis Colts (-12.5)
Miami Dolphins @ New York Jets (-3.5)
Denver Broncos @ Baltimore Ravens (-3.5)
New York Giants (+2.5) @ Philadelphia Eagles
Jacksonville Jaguars (+2.5) @ Tennessee Titans
Oakland Raiders @ San Diego Chargers (-16.5)
Minnesota Vikings @ Green Bay Packers (-3.5)
Carolina Panthers @ Arizona Cardinals (-9.5)
Atlanta Falcons @ New Orleans Saints (-9.5)

Friday, October 23, 2009

Smoke Free

I have been a smoker for about 25 years and in the past, when I have attempted to quit, I would have a cigarette here and 2 there, before returning to my pack-a-day habit. Six weeks ago, I decided to give it another try. For the first couple of weeks, I would fall off the wagon for a day or 2. But, I have been completely tobacco free for the past 4 weeks. It has been difficult, especially the first week, but it has gotten easier the past week or so. The temptation to walk into a convenience store and buy a pack has diminished. This is probably the longest period of time I have gone without a single cigarette and I have to say, this time, I think I am going to make it happen.

My reason for quitting are many. Health is the obvious one, but the main reason why I had to quit this time was financial. I was starting to have trouble paying bills on time and when I sat down and saw how much I was spending on butts (I've also started bringing my lunch every day. Eating out was also costing a fortune), I realized why I was running out of money every week.

I'm hoping I can make this a life-long lifestyle change. It is hard, no doubt, but if I can go this long, there is no reason why I can't kick the habit for good.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Week 7 Picks

Green Bay -7.5 over @Cleveland
San Diego -4.5 over @Kansas City
San Francisco +3.5 over @Houston
Indianapolis -14.5 over @St Louis
Minnesota +4.5 over @Pittsburgh
New England -14.5 over Tampa Bay in London
@Carolina -7.5 over Buffalo
NY Jets -6.5 over @Oakland
@Cincinnati -1.5 over Chicago
Atlanta +3.5 over @Dallas
New Orleans -6.5 over @Miami
@NY Giants -7.5 over Arizona
Philadelphia -7.5 over @Washington

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Pigskin Pick 'Em - Week 6

Crazy week in the NFL this week, as we go 5-9 with our picks. That's 2 straight losing weeks. This makes us 51-39 on the season.

This past weeks bad calls.....

@Cincinnati -4.5 over Houston - I just can't figure these 2 teams out.
NY Giants +3.5 over @New Orleans - I thought the Giants D would be able to get to Brees. Nope!
@Washington -6.5 over Kansas City - These are 2 bad teams and Washington is obviously getting worse by the day.
@Jacksonville -9.5 over St Louis - Got the winner correct, missed on the spread.
@Pittsburgh -14.5 over Cleveland - Same as the Jacksonville game.
@Seattle -2.5 over Arizona - What was I thinking.
Philadelphia -14.5 over @Oakland - Oakland has a pretty good defense, but their offense stinks. It was good enough to beat the Eagles, however.
@ NY Jets -9.5 over Buffalo - Scratching my head over this one. Me thinks the Jets are in big trouble.
Tennessee +9.5 @New England - I originally picked the Pats, then changed it when II heard the forecast called for heavy rain and wind. So I turn the game on and it's freakin' snowing. At that point, it was to late to change it back, which I would of. The Pats are a much better snow team than they are in the rain.

I will post my Week 7 picks a little later.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Pigskin Pick 'Em - Week 5

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There is a reason why I don't try to do this prognostication thing for a living. We went 6-8 this past week, bringing our total record to 46-30. Good enough to be in the top 5% on ESPN's pigskin Pick 'Em.

This past week's boo-boos........

@Buffalo -6.5 over Cleveland - Had to have been the most boring game in years.
Pittsburgh -10.5 over @Detroit - I misread this one, but not by much.
Tampa Bay +13.5 over @Philadelphia - McNabb is back and he made me look like a fool.
@Carolina -3.5 over Washington - Missed this one by half a stinkin' point!
@Baltimore -8.5 over Cincinnati - Cincy continues to shock me.
Jacksonville +0.5 over @Seattle - Yeah, not even close.
New England -3.5 over @Denver - Just when I thought the Pats were taking a step in the right direction, boom.
NY Jets -1.5 over @Miami - Unlike the Bills-Browns, this was one of the most exciting games of the year. Unfortunately for me, Miami's late TD ruined my chances at a .500 record for the week.


Next week's picks.....

@Cincinnati -4.5 over Houston
@Green Bay -13.5 over Detroit
Baltimore +2.5 over Minnesota
NY Giants +3.5 over New Orleans
Carolina -3.5 over @Tampa Bay
@Washington -6.5 over Kansas City
@Jacksonville -9.5 over St Louis
@Pittsburgh -14.5 over Cleveland
@Seattle -2.5 over Arizona
Philadelphia -14.5 over @Oakland
@ NY Jets -9.5 over Buffalo
Tennessee +9.5 @New England
@Atlanta -3.5 over Chicago
Denver +4.5 over San Diego

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Pigskin Pick 'Em - Week 4

I started 9-1 on Sunday before losing 3 in a row in the late games, but picked up a win on Monday night to go 10-4 on the week. That makes me 40-22 so far this season.

The misses this past week.

Cincainnati -5.5 over Cleveland - Got the winner right, but failed against the spread.
Dallas -3.5 over Denver - Dallas is a mess.
St. Louis +10.5 against San Francisco - Oops.
San Diego +6.5 against Pittsburgh - Oh so close, but the Steelers pull out the 10 point win.

Week 5 Predictions

@Buffalo -6.5 over Cleveland - This is a big number for Buffalo, but let's go with it.
Pittsburgh -10.5 over @Detroit - Seriously, the number could be 20.5 and I'd still take the Steelers in this one.
@Kansas City +8.5 over Dallas - I think the Cowboys win the game, just not by 9 point.
Minnesota -10.5 over @St Louis - The Rams are a bad, bad football team.
@NY Giants -16.5 over Oakland - The Raiders are a bad, bad, bad.....well, I guess they're a football team.
Tampa Bay +13.5 over @Philadelphia - Look, Tampa sucks, I just don't think they lose this one by 2 TDs.
@Carolina -3.5 over Washington - I got nuthin', just a hunch.
@Baltimore -8.5 over Cincinnati - The Ravens are pissed. Not a good thing if you are a Bengal.
Atlanta +2.5 over @San Francisco - San Fran kicked butt last week, but this ain't the Rams.
Jacksonville +0.5 over @Seattle - Home team favored by less than a point? Take the Jags.
@Arizona -5.5 over Houston - Larry Fitzgerald goes wild.
New England -3.5 over @Denver - I'm a Pats fan, who else am I gonna pick?
Indianapolis -3.5 over @ Tennessee - 3.5? Really? Should be 13.5.
NY Jets -1.5 over @Miami - Hate the Jets. Hate the Dolphins. Jets are a better team.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Pigskin Pick 'Em - Week 3

I've been doing the Pigskin Pick 'Em thing on espn.com for a while now, but for the first time, I decided to try picking against the spread, instead of just winners and losers. I had 9 wins in each of the first 2 weeks and went 12-4 this week.

This weeks misses were...

I took Tennessee and the points against the Jets. I just thought this might be the week the Titans put it together....wrong.

I took Kansas City +9.5 over the Eagles. Donovan who?

I took Houston -3 over Jacksonville. I am now convinced the Texans are the most over-hyped team of the '09 season.

I took Pittsburgh -4.5 over the Bengals. Not only do the Steelers not cover, but Cincinnati wins outright? C'mon, really?

This coming week could be a tough one, with some big spreads on the board. Here are my picks for week 4.

Chicago -10.5 over Detroit
Cincinnati -5.5 over Cleveland
Indianapolis -8.5 over Seattle
NY Giants -9.5 over Kansas City
Tampa Bay +7.5 over Washington
Jacksonville +2.5 over Tennessee
Houston -9.5 over Oakland
New England -2.5 over Baltimore
NY Jets +6.5 over New Orleans
Miami +1.5 over Buffalo
Dallas -3.5 over Denver
St Louis +10.5 over San Fransisco
San Diego +6.5 over Pittsburgh
Minnesota +3.5 over Green Bay